Apply Your Lashes Like A Pro

Step 1
Measure & Trim to Size

Gently remove the lashes from the packaging and hold the lash up against your eyelid.

Using scissors, carefully trim any excess to ensure a natural fit against your lash line.

Pro Tip: Always trim from the outer corner of the lash to ensure the style is not affected.


Step 2
Apply Lash Adhesive

Using Lash Republic's Superior Lash Adhesive, apply a thin layer to the lash band.

Pro Tip: Add a little extra adhesive to the inner and outer corners for extra hold. Optional: Curl natural lashes and apply mascara prior to false lash application.

Step 3
Apply Lashes

Using Lash Republic's Lash Applicator, carefully place the lash on top, and as close to your natural lash line as possible, then secure corners.

Pro Tip: To avoid any separation, gently squeeze natural lashes and false lashes together using Lash Republic's Lash Applicator tool.



 Your lashes have now been applied like a pro!