Retail Partners

LR Authorised Stockist Network

The Lash Republic Wholesale Program is a partnership opportunity for beauty-focused business owners looking to align themselves with Lash Republic's notoriety for luxury 100% handcrafted human hair false lashes. Retail Partners in the Wholesale Program form our Authorised Retailer Network.

    The Lash Republic team provide extensive support to our retail partners, including:

    - Wholesale discounts plus exclusive incentive discounts based on order amounts;
    - Access to exclusive offers, special promotions, product updates and promotional tools; and
    - Professional promotional material design.


    To apply to become a Lash Republic Authorised Stockist please click here.


    World First Style Selector™

    Lash Republic by Milan & Co. created a world first exclusive called the Style Selector™ - the ultimate weapon in selecting the perfect lash style.
    Simply choose a style from our luxury stand, line up the Style Selector™ to the natural lash line and see the results instantly!
    *  Style Selectors™ included in salon stockists package.