How To Choose The Best False Lashes For Your Eye Shape

There’s one thing you need to know before you make your false eyelash selection: Eye shape should dictate the false eyelash style that you choose.

With that out of the way, here’s a comprehensive guide to the type of false eyelashes you should select to achieve the look you’re after with ease.

Almond-shaped eyes

Who has it: Angelina Jolie

Lucky you. This eye shape is easy to dress up and looks good in anything. So if you want to choose a false eyelash based on makeup style, go for it. And since this eye shape can handle a lot more volume than other eye shapes, if you can go big, why not?

Monolid eyes

Who has it: Sandra Oh

Girls with monolid eyes get a transformative boost with false eyelashes. Monolid is when you don’t have that eyelid crease that most other eye shapes have. Because this eye type often comes with straight eyelashes and a small, almost-flat eye shape, an appealing choice is a false eyelash style that has a good amount of curl and added length. With monolids, what often happens is half of the falsie will be tucked away underneath the lid, so choosing a set with dramatic length yields noticeable results.

Hooded eyes

Who has it: Nicole Kidman

If your brow bone is quite prominent and your eyelid not clearly visible when your eyes are open, then your eyes are hooded in shape. This is where false eyelashes that are longer in the centre of the lash can help to open the eye up and make them look larger / less small.

Round eyes

Who has it: Katy Perry

Such a thing as too much lash? The answer is “yes” if your eye shape is round and you’ve chosen false eyelashes that are at maximum volume. This pairing can have the unwanted effect of causing your eyes to appear flat and small. Instead, choose a false eyelash style that has alternating, varying lengths to add dimensional volume and a more natural spacing to those lashes.

Upturned eyes

Who has it: Lucy Liu

If the outer corner of your eyes is a tad uplifted, the cat-eye look might be your signature eye makeup style, and with good reason! This eye shape is born for the cat-eye, and false lashes with a flared end are the perfect touch. Alternatively, choose a half lash to get that look you’re after.

Deep-set eyes

Who has it: Blake Lively

When you have deep-set eyes, the tendency is for eyes to appear small and set further back than other eye shapes. Go for dramatically long eyelashes because your brow bone can obscure shorter lengths. This choice will help bring your eyes forward and capture attention.