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Tips and Tricks

Finding a quality eyelash brand

5 questions to ask yourself; What lash type am I after? What do reviews say? Will their false lashes bother my skin? Do they have a good return policy + customer support? Can I support the ethics of this company?

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choosing the right style of lashes

3 things to consider; There are many types of materials to choose from; synthetic, mink, faux mink, silk and human hair. Understanding eye shape is imperative in order to select the type of lash that will enhance the eye. Once the eye shape is selected then the type of volume comes next.

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Mistakes to avoid when applying lashes

Mistake 1: Not choosing the right style of false lashes for your client Mistake 2: Going too fast and cutting too much off the falsie. Mistake 3: Visible knots along the lash line. Mistake 4:Incorrect placement of the top lash strip. Mistake 5: Not joining the false lash to the natural lash

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