Top 5 Mistakes Makeup Artists Make With False Eyelashes

You can only learn from your mistakes if they’re pointed out to you, right? Clients may not be able to state what it is that you got wrong, but if they’re unhappy, you will know it. Here, then, are the top culprits when it comes to doing an oopsie when it comes to false eyelashes.

Mistake 1: Not choosing the right style of false lashes for your client

Even if you nail application of the false eyelash, if the lash itself is not chosen with consideration to the client’s eye shape, then the final effect could be lacking. Study up the right pairing of falsies and eye shapes to get the look you are after. Additionally, think about whether you should be using a full set or individuals. Individuals give you a more tailored approach, whereas full sets will save you time.

Mistake 2: Going too fast and cutting too much off the falsie.

The client arrived late and the countdown to when you need to be done is freaking you out. In a bold move, you trim off too much eyelash in one go and you end up needing to pull out another set and do it again. Deep breaths. Trim a little as you go. Bring it back up against the client’s eye until the fit is right. Step back and assess both eyes, making sure that the lashes are balanced and even, and that there’s no unintentional imbalance going on. You’ll save time in the long run.

Mistake 3: Visible knots along the lash line.

Individual flare lashes that are the knotted type can give the lash line a bumpy look if it’s not hidden with dark eyeliner. If you want to go light on the eyeliner but still want to use individual falsies, then run a soft shadow over the lash line or better yet choose a knot-free variety.

Mistake 4: Incorrect placement of the top lash strip.

If you place the top eyelash strip too close to the outer corner it can give the appearance of a downturned or drooping eye shape. Don’t place the top eyelash set too close to the outer corner—unless the downturned effect is the look you’re going for.

Mistake 5: Not the joining false lash to the natural lash

Once the lashes are placed, use the applicator to pinch the set of false lashes together with the client’s real lashes. This will prevent that awkward double lash line—which you want to avoid. Additionally, a final gentle coat of mascara over the lashes will help lock both together.