What Makeup Artists Need to Know About False Eyelash Adhesives

False eyelashes are only as good as their ability to stay put. And that’s where knowing a thing or two about eyelash adhesives is vital to keeping those lashes in place and your clients happy.

Here’s what you need to know.

Eyelash adhesives are not created equal.

The cosmetic department variety are good—if good is all you’re after. But when a client is paying you to make them look stunning all day long, then you need a proven adhesive that’s guaranteed to do its job from sunup to sundown. When in doubt about your choice, go with an adhesive that professionals trust. This is where brand name matters because that reputation comes from professionals who have tested, tried, and loved the results. Some manufacturers provide an exclusive adhesive that works best with the lashes they produce. (Lash Republic does this!) 

Eyelash adhesive types are varied and plentiful.

For girls who are prone to tears when watching their favourite soap, you need a sturdy glue (an adhesive) that can stand the rain. Or if you know that you’ll need to apply a lot of individual lashes, you want an adhesive that’s a little forgiving if you apply too much. There are adhesives that are white, clear and dark in tone. Basically, if you need a glue to do a specific thing, chances are there’s a product out there for it. But again, keep in mind the point above that not all adhesives are created equal!

Be prepared for sensitivities.

Because the lash glue sits so close to the eye, the composition of an adhesive matters. Ask if your client has skin sensitivities you should know about and then check that against the adhesive you’re using. Better to know that upfront than to have your hands full with an allergic reaction later. (We advise this.)

Pair the right types together.

Some adhesives hold strip lashes best. Others are crafted for gluing on individual lashes. Some adhesives can do both. But keep an eye out if a glue says it’s specialized at a certain type of task as that’s a clue to you for best-use practices. Also, it can serve to allay clients’ fears about lashes coming off mid-event if you are able to tell them a little factoid about the adhesive you are using, particularly if it has a specialized function.