You Wanted to Know: Tips on How to Apply Under False Eyelashes for Makeup Artists

Under false lashes have a time and place, say when you’re going for an iconic 1960s look, or upping up the glam factor without applying too many colours to the face. So while you might find yourself reaching for the under false lashes less than the upper false lashes in your inventory, here are some tips that will help you master the power and complexity that under eyelashes bring.

Tip 1: Under lash strips vs. individual flares.

Depending on the look you are going for and the client’s eye shape, you might choose to apply individual flares over strips of under false eyelashes. The pros to applying individual flares with or without knots are that you have more control over placement and the effect is seamless. Cons? It will take you a bit longer. If you are pressed for time, go with the under false eyelash set.

Tip 2: For under strips for the bottom lash line…

Bottom eyelash strips, just like the ones that go up top, need to be trimmed for size. Trim off from the outer corners, never the inner corners. Check back against the client’s eye to make sure the length is just right. 

Tip 3: For individuals used for the bottom lash line...

Place a half pea size of glue onto the back of your hand. Using your eyelash applicator tweezers, dab the end into the glue. Doing it like this will allow you to work quickly without having to go back and forth.

Tip 4: Know where to hold.

Lash Republic’s eyelashes are made from 100 percent human hair. This is what lends it its soft, natural look. However, this also means that they must be treated with care. When removing individuals from a tray, use your eyelash applicator tweezers to grasp right at the base of the lash, never the tip.

Tip 5: Say NO to wet glue.

Just the same as with false eyelashes for the top lash line, your adhesive needs to get to that tacky stage before you move to place it along the bottom lash line. Many of the troubles you experience with lashes sliding about are because the glue hadn’t turned tacky prior to application. How long you wait will depend on the type of adhesive you are using. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Lash Republic’s superior adhesive sets quickly with no cure time yet flexible enough to allow you to readjust if necessary.