Here Are the Eyelash Trends People Are Talking About

It can be embarrassing when a customer asks for a certain type of beauty treatment or product, and it’s a trend you haven’t heard about. If you start to offer false eyelashes in your studio, your clients might pop a surprising question your way. It pays to be prepared.

Note: This is not an endorsement of these trends because some are rather frightening in the ways it could possibly damage one’s natural eyelashes. But knowing what’s up in the faux eyelash universe will keep you looking informed when your client asks if you’ve heard the latest…

Magnetic eyelashes

These eyelashes use a magnetic base to attach themselves to your eyelashes. One magnet for the top of your eyelashes and the other underneath. It’s a fad that’s interesting to know about—but seems highly ineffective for long-time wear and self-application is extremely difficult.

Reinventing applicators

The reason some choose eyelash extensions over falsies is often that falsies are thought to be difficult to apply. But many beauty companies are now taking on this challenge and coming up with effective applicators to overcome this barrier. Applicators now do the heavy lifting when it comes to placing the eyelashes in the correct place. Check out Lash Republic’s very own applicator tool here.

Ombre for your lash

First it was a hair thing and now it’s an eyelash thing. Having a two-tone eyelash shade is showing up everywhere. As are coloured falsies and rainbow falsies. Consider them a party accessory (alternatively, they can serve as great conversation starters!).

Feathered falsies

After you thought you’d seen it all comes the feathered falsie to show you that human creativity knows no bounds. False eyelashes are styled to give the impression of bird feathers. Lash Republic has created some feathery lashes of our own, due to popular demand and general Instagram-pic worthiness. Check out Lash Republic’s Avant Garde Collection for some serious show stoppers.